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As of 31st May 2024


In Pakistan 40.2% of children under five are currently stunted according to the National Nutrition Survey (a prevalence considered ‘critical’ by WHO’s thresholds)

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The Fortify Education Foundation (FEF) is a not-for-profit organization based in Karachi. We, at FEF, have set out to work for the economically disadvantaged Children in Pakistan. It is our goal to contribute towards ensuring mental and physical growth of our children in schools to enable them to protect their own and their family’s future. Through our School Meal Program (SMP), we have set out to provide nutrition sensitive meals for the children who are in school to learn and achieve.


The School Meal Program (SMP) is the raison d’être for FEF. Everything that we are presently doing or will do in the future under our banner will be built upon the foundation of our SMP. Through this program we provide freshly cooked nutritious meals to children in schools on every school day. Our overarching aim is to improve the cognitive and physical health of the children. Some of the benefits of the SMP are:

  • Reducing malnutrition among children in schools
  • Prevention of classroom hunger
  • Increase in enrolment in schools
  • Increase in attendance in schools
Naveed Gilani

Message from the Founder


Pakistan is considered to be the fifth largest young country in the world. Around 34% of Pakistanis are under the age of 15. It is they who have the power to transform the future of Pakistan. Correspondingly, it is us, the older ones, who have the responsibility to ensure that the youth can secure theirs, their families’, and their country’s future.

What ought to be done? Invest in the health and education of our youth. It is not an either-or choice, has to be both, emphatically and in tandem.

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