Impact Update – Dec 2021

Impact Update – Dec 2021

December 19, 2021

Greetings All,

“Because it’s there” was the retort by George Mallory, the English Mountaineer, when he was asked, “Why did you want to climb Mount Everest?” I recalled Mallory’s famous quote when I was recently asked by someone why were we providing free meals to these underprivileged children. We are doing what we are doing at FEF because it’s there, the need is there, for their health, for their growth, for their motor development, for their mental sharpness, for their IQ, for their school performance, for their future livelihood, and, and, and…….

Launching our Third School

We continue to march in our chosen direction. In October we added the third school to our network. This too, is in Orangi, Karachi. It is Government Primary School Qamar with an enrollment of 160, but actual attendance is much less. The inspiring piece is that soon after we started the first School Meal Program (SMP) here there was an uptick of 10 additional students attending. This is good news. We are hoping for the attendance to improve further.

Awareness is Spreading

We know that the true impact of our program will start to become evident when we have taken our SMP to scale. In our endeavor to do this we have to mobilize the social enterprise in the country to step in where public sector is deficient either due to lack of resources or lack or resolve. Either way, we are shortchanging the youth to enable them to blossom to their full potential. Awareness of our program is a must before it gets turbo charged. Recently, we were visited by the mainstream media, and I am glad to share their piece that was aired on TV news.

2022 and Beyond

At the close of the year, we are grateful for your help in bringing our program this far. At the time of writing this we have served over 80,000 freshly cooked meals to the disadvantaged children in schools. In 2021 we added 2 new schools, and doubled our children served (now at 500). 2022 will be an exciting year and we are setting an even more ambitious target of expanding to more schools and reaching 2,000 children everyday. This will be tough, but if we continue on this trajectory of more schools and therefore more children, we are confident we will be building a brighter future for our beloved country.

Please spread this message among your circles. Without you we wouldn’t have come this far.

We at FEF wish you a joyous and healthy 2022.


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