Impact Update – Dec 2023

‘Hum hain na’ – We are there, aren’t we?’

Greetings All,

The year 2023 is about to hand over the baton to 2024. We had a good year and can see hope smiling at us for the next year too. At home in Pakistan, we see promise gaining because of the widespread realization that the present economic models need to change for more inclusive ones. 

Thanks to you all and the grace of almighty, we are getting close to half a million meals served since our inception. On the horizon, we can see the realization of our oft talked about slogan, ‘Today Orangi, Tomorrow Pakistan’. At the threshold of this new year, that is encouragingly buoyed by the groundswell of support, we restate our resolve to continue with increasing pace to realize our mission of being present in all provinces with our School Meal Program (SMP).

Meals Served Since Inception
As of 30th Nov 2023

Food for Thought

On November 30, 2023, at Pakistan Reforms for a Brighter Future Initiative, World Bank’s Regional Vice President for South Asia, linked here, had this to say in his speech on the human capital crisis:

“This “silent” crisis—which rarely makes the headlines—affects a large proportion of the population today and undermines the potential of Pakistan tomorrow.” 

Yes, the “silent” crisis he is talking about indeed is the lack of nutrition which prevents our children from reaching their full physical and cognitive potential. Following this, he spoke about the fallout of this to the “learning crisis.” When I first listened to his speech, I thought to myself, this is huge and invisible to most. But then, I felt some relief that we at FEF had taken the first step to go the proverbial thousand miles. And then there are all of you who have joined hands to walk with us. Together we will do whatever we can to zap the crisis. 

A latest collage of children at the four schools where our School Meal Programme (SMP) is in place

Thank you very much for making 2023 successful and may the next year be even more successful for you and for us.



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