Impact Update – Jan 2023

“Our New Year Resolve”

Greetings All,

We have just said goodbye to a year and welcomed a new with a lot of economic uncertainty. We really don’t know what will happen as things are looking quite grim for most of the world, particularly with respect to inflation and the cost of basic food. Still, some of you have started 2023 with positive annual resolutions, eating healthier, reading more, or increasing time spent with family – all very noble endeavors. We too have welcomed the children back in schools with a positive resolve to continue to work for them with a renewed vigor to fight and repulse whatever additional economic demons jump in our way. Of course, all this with your help and support.

Meals Served Since Inception
As of 31st December 2022

Teaching our Children

Our spirit of these times is to build the values of Subr (perseverance), Shukr (thankfulness), and Empathy among all the children, be they privileged or underprivileged. These sentiments are naturally fitted in all of us where they may stay latent unless nurtured. We have actively begun working with the moms to bring these fine values to the fore. We believe that this will catalyze and help in multiple ways the cause that is so close to our heart – improving child learning and health by eradicating malnutrition and hunger in underprivileged schools. So, please join us to nourish Subr, Shukr, and Empathy alongside nourishing the children in today’s Pakistan where hunger among children should be a thing of the past.

World Food Programme (WFP)

“Two Minutes on School Feeding 2022”, a document from WFP’s has the following to say:

About School Feeding – Making sure children are healthy and well-nourished while in school is crucial to their ability to learn and thrive. School feeding as part of an integrated school health and nutrition package supports children to become better learners in school and to improve their overall wellbeing. Very simply: sick children cannot attend school, and hungry children cannot learn.

The Multiple Benefits of School Feeding – Every US$1 invested in school feeding yields up to US$9 economic return, owing to improved health, education and productivity.

A latest collage of children at the four schools where our School Meal Programme (SMP) is in place

As always, we are grateful to all of you out there cheering for us and spreading our message to others.


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