Impact Update – Mar 2022

Greetings All,

Some months ago, we began to introduce FEF and its work through social media. Our thinking was that the more people know about our work the more support we will receive, and consequently the more schools we will be able to add to our network – remember the quote ‘today Germany tomorrow the world’, same spirit with a totally different motivation. When our messages started doing the rounds, we were surprised by the number of needy that reached out to us to provide to them, mostly unrelated to our cause. You’ll probably say, ‘obviously, what else did you expect’. Yeah! But what it did was further cement our resolve at FEF to continue doing our part and to continue it with stronger vigor.

As a result of our campaign, we now have schools asking us to start our program in Orangi, Lyari, Korangi and beyond Karachi – even in Thar, the desert area in Sindh that is most underdeveloped. In earnest, we would start today in all those places if we could, but I know that we have to pace ourselves with the flow of resources – Rome wasn’t built in a day. Judging from the distance we have covered since our start we are confident that we will soon be present in all those places and many more.

With all this in mind, here are some updates on the exciting things that have happened since we last spoke.

100,000 Meals Served!

On 14th February 2022, we crossed a landmark number of having served 100,000 meals. As you might remember, we currently provide free meals in our School Meal Programme (SMP) at three schools in Orangi, Karachi and have set-up a kitchen in the first that cooks for all the school that we currently serve. As we hit this great milestone, we are thankful – to our team on ground zero for making this happen on every school day, and to all of you out there who are quietly holding our hand extending the ‘giving chain’. The good news is that this chain is getting longer and longer by the day.

Cycle for Awareness

In partnership with all the local Karachi cycling groups, we held a cycling “ride-in” to raise awareness for our dear cause. The attendance was fantastic with over 200 cyclists joining us on the ride from Clifton to Hill Park. In this event, we were able to spread the word on the great work being done at FEF, and the response from those who attended was heartwarming.

Radio & TV Interviews

Not only are we getting interest from similar causes and donors, but the media is also showing interest in our cause. Within the last month, we were participants on Sindh Police FM 88.6’s Midnight show with Haris Khan and on The Morning Show at Samaa TV. Both were great experiences for us to spread the word through the radio waves to your radios and televisions. You can see the video clip on our YouTube channel below.

Finally, we are also launching on social media one of our videos that was especially made for furthering our cause. Hopefully, this will soon reach you all. If it doesn’t get to you, I will send you via the same mode as this newsletter. Please do spread FEF’s message to your contacts so people are aware of what we are doing and like I said, the more people join in the better for these underprivileged children.

We at FEF wish you a blessed month of Ramadan 2022


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