Message from Founder

Pakistan is considered to be the fifth largest young country in the world. Around 34% of Pakistanis are under the age of 15. It is they who have the power to transform the future of Pakistan. Correspondingly, it is us, the older ones, who have the responsibility to ensure that the youth can secure theirs, their families’, and their country’s future. What ought to be done? Invest in the health </strong >and education of our youth. It is not an either-or choice, has to be both, emphatically and in tandem. What could we do to help? Well, we decided to invest our time, resources, and energies to try and eradicate the much-neglected hunger and malnutrition among children in schools. Why this? Because Pakistan has been reported to have one of the highest levels of prevalence of child malnutrition compared to other developing counties. And because malnutrition, particularly during the formative years of the young ones, inhibits their potential to develop physically and cognitively. Like they say, to go a thousand miles you have to take the first step. Our proverbial first step was taken with the formation of Fortify Education Foundation and under its umbrella starting of the School Meal Program (SMP). SMP sets out to provide nutrition sensitive meals in schools where disadvantaged children come to study. It is a modest yet determined effort. We know that we can’t do it alone. Our friends and families and their friends and their families chipped in when we started SMP. Others continue to join in our effort, it would be extremely heartening if you would too.
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