Our Kitchen

The mission for FEF is to provide school meals for children to fortify education, which means they should be nutritious to ensure physical health and mental growth. The only way to have a control over the meals, was to make them in our own kitchen. Using the minimum investment model, we started preparing meals in a makeshift kitchen in the house of the school administrator in Pasban-e- Millat School, Orangi Town, so that we could start feeding the children while our formal kitchen was being constructed.

Our first meal was served on 4 th February 2020 cooked in this makeshift kitchen.

Seeing the food on the plate of a child actualized the thought of providing nutritious meals to the disadvantaged school children. It was indeed a happy moment for all of us involved.

The construction of our formal kitchen was completed in August 2020 and from there on all meals served were cooked here. This kitchen has the capacity to make food for eight more schools and will be the hub of our program in Orangi. This is the first of many kitchens that will be made in the coming years as our operations expand.